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About Me:


Humm….. It’s always pretty wired thing to summing yourself in a bio page. Right?
Ok… let me do it in few lines…

My name is Angraj Manjhi, graduated in Engineering from BIT Sindri (Jharkhand) in Information Technology. I Previously worked for couple of MNC software companies as Software Engineer and have worked in different Java technologies then worked for a RRB at data center and now working for a Nationalized Bank in India.

I love to listen good Bollywood music tracks in my free times. You could find the photographs taken by me @angraaz on Instagram.

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About This Blog:

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I started this blog at my college days in the year 2005 to learn and implement HTML and CSS codes online.
Further, I started posting solutions of computer related problems that I was getting while working on my PC. That blog posts were also helpful for my blog readers who are getting similar problems in their digital life.

I’m not a very good writer but I believe that I could make you understand my points through my posts. I always welcome your tips & suggestions for me and my blog. Give your valuable tips & suggestions here.