The widget presented herein functions as an effective age calculator, designed in easy to use interface. Upon inputting your date of birth, which can be selected via the provided calendar icon, the tool will compute your current age as of today's date. This calculation is based on the difference between the present date and your chosen birth date. We trust that you will find this tool user-friendly and accurate for your age calculation needs.

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How to Calculate the exact Age of any person?

Calculating the exact age of a person in years, months, and days is pretty straightforward. You need two pieces of information:

1. The person's birth date: this includes the day, month, and year of their birth.
2. The current date: also including the day, month, and year.

The exact calculation of age involves a series of steps:

1. If the current day is less than the birth day, you subtract 1 from the current month.
2. If the current month is less than the birth month after step 1, you subtract 1 from the current year.
3. The calculated year is your age in years.
4. The difference between the current month (or adjusted current month from step 1) and the birth month is the age in months.
5. The difference between the current day (or adjusted current day from step 1) and the birth day is the age in days.

Here's an example: Let's say someone was born on 15th July 1990, and today's date is 6th August 2023.

Step 1: Current day (6) is less than birth day (15), so we subtract 1 from the current month (August becomes July, or 8 becomes 7). Step 2: Current month (7, after adjustment) is equal to the birth month (7), so no need to subtract from the current year. Step 3: The difference between the current year (2023) and birth year (1990) is 33. So, the person is 33 years old. Step 4: After adjustment, the current month and birth month are the same, so 0 months. Step 5: We subtract the birth day (15) from a full month (31 days in July) and add the current day (6). So, (31-15)+6 = 22 days.

So, the exact age of this person as of 6th August 2023 is 33 years, 0 months, and 22 days. This method is quite simple but does require some manual calculations. There are also various online age calculators available that can simplify this process.