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Factor Calculator is an online tool to quickly find the factors of any number.

It was class 3rd, I remember, when I thought I had finally cracked the hard nut called Maths, as I was so adept now in multiplying three-digit numbers, was pro at the division and could even tell apart the numerators and denominators. I was feeling no less than a superhero, after all, I had conquered the Maths everyone feared (including me, till now) and have learnt the complex art of calculations, but alas, I was giddily promoted to class 4 and it took only a few maths lectures for my happy bubble to burst as I was now introduced to a different world of factors and multiples, LCM and HCF and the other mathematic menaces.

This was one of the starting lessons I learnt that in Life there is no LHS = RHS and that however simpler they look, factors are going to be soul-sucking. However, after growing up, in work-life, there was not much need for all these and I considered that I have finally overcome that dark phase of my life. But again, in the lockdown of 2020, I was introduced to the factoring methods again by my little my daughter. I was to impart her help when I was helpless myself, and thus I was subdued to be the subject of her laughter. But then, insulted and bruised, I set myself to the journey of learning factors.

I tried learning to factor but I could teach myself nothing new apart from recalling the haunting maths classes from school and I gave up learning but then I was vindictive and had to seek revenge, so I tried finding hacks and yes, I found it. It was happiness similar to scoring 20 out of 20 in a math test.

I’m a common person who thinks of my problems as they must be the problems others face as well and hence, in my ignorance, I think factors might be giving trouble to other people as well (especially to the grown-ups who have to teach the younger generation). So here I present before you the hack I discovered – Online Factor Calculator.

What’s a Factor Calculator?

A Factor Calculator is an online tool which can bestow you with all the factors of a number entered. No need to haggle with the division method or anything else, the factoring is possible now at the simplest of click.

How does Factor Calculator work?

Calm down, I am not going to bore you down describing the details of something like a scientific calculator ( it was a nightmare, I tell you!) but then this is the simplest of the tools I have worked on. Take it from a math-fearing person, you won’t be tricked.

Here are the steps to find out the factors of any number:

➢ Enter the number you want to find factors of in the bar displaying “Enter Number” of the calculator in the top of this page.
➢ Click on the “Calculate Factors” button.
➢ All the factors of that number will be displayed below. This includes factors of the number along with factor pairs and prime factors.

The Functioning of Factor Calculator

I know you don’t care about how it calculates the factors as even finding this excellent factoring tool is simply awesome and you don’t want to be troubled with details, me too. But after finding this, I was so awed about it’s working that it taught me the art of factoring as well.

If you are, too, surprised by the working of this online factoring calculator, here is a brief account of how it functions:

❏ Factors are the whole numbers which when multiplied together produce another number. When an integer is submitted into the calculator it provides all the factors.

For eg, The factors of 8 will be 1, 2,4 and 8.

❏ Hence, amongst all the factors of a given number, there are numbers when paired and multiplied together provide the given number. These are called factor pairs and are also displayed by the calculator.

Now, the factor pairs for 8 will be :
1 × 8 = 8
2 × 4 = 8

❏ Prime factors are the prime numbers which when multiplied together gives the product as the original number.

Thus, the prime factors of 8 will be displayed as 2 x 2 x 2.

❏ In this tool, one can find the factors of both positive integers as well as negative integers. For positive integers, only the positive numbers are shown as factors but for negative integers, negative factors are also given.

So, the factors for -8 will be -8, -4, 1, 2

Delving more into factorization will be a headache and will defy the logic of crafting such a wonderful tool which can provide you with factors at just a click. I recommend this to everyone who has to deal with complex calculations and surely the ones with torturing little nieces (she is pissed now that I’m pro at factoring too, lol).

Factor Calculator

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