Have Some Fun Time With Google

We all know how Google have made our online life easier by its powerful search engine which  help us to find all our necessary information in a fraction of second around the web. And Google not only provided us the search engine but many other free services like Gmail (for free email service), Google Plus (a social networking website), Blogger (free blog service), Google Drive (Cloud storage) and many more

Apart from all the service provided by the Google we could also spent some fun time in Google. Try some funny things in Google:

1. Google Gravity: See how all components of Google are affected my the gravity. Fun to play with all the components bouncing by the gravity. This is an external site.

Google Gravity

2. Google DoodlesOccasionally Google change its logo temporarily in the search page tribute to a historical dates or some great personalities who had dedicated their life to the betterment of world. Find here all the Doodles released by Google till date.

3. Barrel Roll: Open Google.com and type “Do a barrel roll” and see how the page is rolling by 360 degree.

4. Google Sphere: This is also and external link and not implemented by Google but fun to see the components of Google swirling. Fun to play in the sphere.