How to Backup your Outlook Emails

When you access your emails particularly organisational emails at offices sometimes you may get caution email from your email provider as…

This is because the mailbox allotted in organisations are limited in size. When the mailbox size is reached you’ll be prompted with the mail as above.

Now you have only option to delete the emails from your inbox to make some space for the incoming mails. But thing is, how to archive the old emails which may be very important for your personal or official use in future. 

Here we are giving some easy steps to backup outlook mails, Please follow the steps below:

How to backup Outlook Emails: 

1. Open your Outlook email client (Work only if outlook is configured for your email) and click on File>>Import and Export… a window will appear like given in picture below:

2. Click on Export to a file as shown in the screen short above and click on Next. Next window will appear as shown in the picture below:
3. Click on Personal Folder File (.pst) and click on Next. Then next screen will appear as shown below:
4. Select your root folder as shown in the picture above of your Mailbox which you want to take backup and make sure to select the Include subfolders check box so that all your customized folder could be included in your backup. Click on Next.

5. On the next Window screen, give your backup path where you want to backup your emails. Refer the screenshot below.
6. Click on Finish. [You may be prompted for password after finish for your backup file, do this as your need.]

Your mailbox will be saved the at the given location as given in the step no 5 as .pst (Personal Folder File) file.

How to Use old backup Outlook (backup.pst) file.

To access your old emails from backup file do the followings:

1. Click on File>> Open>> Outlook Data File… 
2. Locate your backup .pst file and click on OK.

Your Old emails will the opened in a Personal Folders of outlook.
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