How to make money using online Surveys

Paid Online Survey
If you are using internet you may have come across paid survey. These paid surveys are easy way to earn passive income from home.

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What Are Paid Surveys?

A Paid survey is a research tool used to collect data and information on a different group of people age and sex by companies, university, brand, researchers, and many more, and the participant is rewarded by points or small some of money.

How to Get Paid using online Surveys?

There are many ways to get paid you can do the task which can take up to 10-30 minutes of your time. You can only qualify for some survey meeting their requirements.

There are also different task you can get such as browsing, playing games, referring friends, trying out and many more.

If you planning of trying paid surveys than better create a plan and create multiple accounts on different survey website which can help you gain some side income.

Top Online Survey Websites


Toluna is similar to a social websites where you can chat with other user and create a topic to start an open ended forum with other members. Ask anything and wait for community’s response to come pouring in.

Rewards are given on toluna on much time you have spend giving your opinion. You can receive points which can be redeemed for various gifts such as gifts vouchers or cash.


Valued opnions is a easy to use paid survey site which is now owned by Research Now a leading online fieldwork. To get stared all you have to do is to sign up and you recive email invitations to their paid surveys.

You earnings can be up to ₹150 per survey but not all surveys will pay this much. To be sure I have used it and the redemption request email can be recived in less than 5 mins.


Swagbucks is easy to join and you will get regular surveys on your email once you sign up and become its member. Swagbucks is one of the most famous and biggest sites in the world. This website is simple and provides you with multiple ways of earning money that is apart from taking surveys which is common in other paid survey websites, you are also paid for taking offers, watching videos, etc.

Swagbucks pay using PayPal to pay you with hard cash or gift card from flipkart or amazon, you have to wait until you have collected $25 only then you can cash out in PayPal, which is a high amount to collect compared to some other sites.


ySense was also known as Clixsense but changed its name in 2019, which has become widely popular survey site. There are several ways through which you can make money by taking surveys, get the daily activity bonus, taking offers, inviting friends, and do Figure Eight tasks.

You can paid through a couple of digital payment apps or websites including Payoneer, Skrill, PayPal, or get Amazon gift cards or Flipkart gift cards.


Viewfruit is one of the newest survey panels amongst all other survey sites that we have mentioned on this list, It is easy to join and easy to use and also has an Indian survey panel with a good amount of paid surveys. Once you have signed up, you will start receiving survey invitations.

You can get paid as you only have to earn $5 before you can get paid in cash through PayPal, You can also earn points by referring friends. You can redeem once you get to a  minimum of 2500 points Usually, one survey takes between 15 to 20 minutes.


OpinionWorld has a separate panel just for India. It is a easy to use website, which is not only genuine but also provides you with various surveys frequently and once you have signed up, as you will receive email invitations when there is a new survey available and the best things about OpinionWorld is that you can choose the number of survey emails you want to receive in a day I know it looks simple but when receive tons of email you can lose track of time completing it.

The minimum payout done by this website to its member should be at least on OpinionWorld is around $5, and you can get paid via gift cards.


TimeBucks is a bit different from many other sites. Have you ever wondered that you can make money for clicking selfies? In TimeBucks you can, it different because it have some opportunities to earn that I have not seen on other sites. Not only this, there are other ways of earning money through Timebucks including taking surveys, reading news, playing games, watching slideshows, etc.

TimeBucks uses Bitcoin, Payeer, Bank Transfer, etc to pay to their members.

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