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Best Online Jobs work from home

Online jobs to do work from home has been around for decades, they were looked at as small chores with daily wage or as per the project. But with the introduction of technology and the internet, these work from home jobs have evolved and offered much more than earlier. With the world being a little more dedicated to technology, most of the jobs and services are leaning towards it, the ratio of online work from home jobs have increased since the past few years.

These jobs have ease and efficiency and the people who are into it have experienced comfort and flexibility as well.

For almost every sector, there is online work from home jobs. From the technical field to the media industry, every sector has something to offer in jobs that can be done from home. These are easy to find as one has to just specify the genre and kind of online job he/she wants, and there you have a wide range of opportunities for your interest that let you do it from home.

12 Online Jobs to Work from Home

Freelance writer

freelance writer online jobs

There is huge business out in the market for freelance writers. The demand for good content is at its peak. The benefit of working as a freelance writer gives people the freedom to write in the genre they like. There are sites such as, and others which offers the freelance writers a wide range of job opportunities.


In India, a lot of people are familiar with three to four languages, including English. Several businesses have a foreign parent company, in such a case, there is a great opportunity for people to work as a translator. The only requirement in such a job is fluency in the languages required. There are various freelance translator sites open for work from home jobs.


blogging online jobs

Blogging requires nothing but a field of your interest, writing skills, and how well you express yourself in words, this keeps your followers and audience intact. You can blog about anything from the books you read, your cooking skills, gardening techniques, healthy living and many more. Although it needs a lot of patience as the returns are slow, Blogging is definitely something through which there can be a good passive income. If taken as a full-time profession, it can be very interesting and fulfilling.

Web Developer

Web Developer Online Jobs

Being a web developer demands high-level skills. But if you are a professional then being a web developer who works from home gives you great opportunities. One of the great perks of this job is that it has good money. As many businesses are going online, a good website is all one demands. Website Development is more and more becoming a very rewarding career option.

Travel Agents

The freelancers who work online and help their clients book tickets for their trip, plan their tours, manage their travel packages by booking flights to reservations in hotels and other expenses; are travel agents. There are several travel agencies in India, which offer such opportunities to job seekers. For an even greater response, one should own their website.

Data Entry

data entry online jobs

Data entry is one of the simplest jobs from home. All one needs to have is knowledge about MS office, fast typing, etc. As it is considered as a job that has to be done in a limited time, so the job seekers must have the efficiency to perform their job on time. These jobs are easy to find on various sites, such as and

Virtual Assistant

These are freelancers who work remotely as administrative support to companies. The work includes managing excel sheets, responding to queries, maintaining websites and blogs, and composing as well as responding to emails. To work well in this stream, one must have good communication skills and be patient and cooperative.,,, etc; are the sites to find suitable opportunities in this field.

Online Tutor

If you have experience in tutoring then this is the best online work from home job for you. All you need is to have a good internet connection and access to a web camera. Several sites hire tutors to teach online. These sites are Vedantu, Bharat tutor, tutor India, etc. One should have good knowledge of the subjects they are willing to teach. Teaching jobs are booming in online work from home sections.

Social Media Manager

The demand to be socially active has now become a real thing. All the companies have their social presence and to make sure that social identity is maintained, these companies demand a Social media manager. The work of a social media manager can also be performed online, working from home. Managing social media is just not posting content and posts, it’s much more than that. One must have good knowledge about SEO writing, must be equipped with marketing tools, and have problem-solving skills.


This job sounds unreal but it has a great scope. Some companies offer people the job to proofread the content and pay according to the project. For a job like this, one should have a good command over the preferred language and a vast knowledge of vocabulary and grammar.

Video/Photo editor

There is a huge need for freelance video editors in the media field. Some companies need video editors on a project basis, this provides a great opportunity to the aspiring video editors. In this new era of influencers and content creators on social media, there is a huge demand for editors. The money is good and time is also flexible.

Graphic designer

This generation has a huge demand for creativity. The social media sites of various companies demand creative posts and for that graphic content is the best way to showcase creativity. The freelance graphic designers are the first choice of many. Many sites, like, etc; offer great opportunities to graphic designers for project-based work.

Work from home jobs have flexibility and comfort as well, this is something that the regular jobs lack to offer. There are enormous job opportunities in the upcoming market considering the different kinds of jobs one can do. The lack of knowledge is the issue that is refraining people from having their ideal job. Work from home jobs provides you with space and time which makes it easier and also gives an opportunity to keep upgrading oneself.

Nowadays a job can be done in no time easy and efficiently. These work from home jobs offer much more than money, there is no rush, less travelling, more time to invest at home and family. The opportunities are in a wide range, one has to just lookout with the right mindset.