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Cloud Pics from Airplane

I have taken these cloud pics from Airplane from Ranchi to Mumbai on 27th April, 2016.
fresh flower rose

Fresh Flowers Updates

Flowers are a very expensive gift of nature. They attracted everyone with beauty, shape, fragrance and colours. They fill colour in nature. Without flowers,...

How to Stop iCloud Sync in Mac OS Sierra

You are on a right place if want to stop icloud sync on Macbook or you have following questions: How to stop automatic backup desktop...
Mobile Applications

Beware! Apps Can Harm Your Smartphone

Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In) and Reserve Bank of India have issued an advisory informing the spread of a malicious application targeting various...
Coins Picture

Know Popular Banks’ Taglines / Slogans

Tag lines/ Punchline/ Slogans are the identity of any institution. We memorize a Bank or any organization with their unique taglines. Here in this...