Spotlight Shortcut – Important Commands to find Quickly on Macbook

Spotlight Shortcut for Mac
Sportlight Shortcut is Macbook’s built-in powerful search tool to find anything quickly inside the Mac. You are missing some powerful tool of Macbook if you are not already using it regularly. With the help of sportlight shortcut you can find any installed app, program, documents etc. instantly. it’s just like the RUN command you might have used in Windows systems.

How to use Sportlight Shortcut

To use Sportlights on your Macbook, click Command + Spacebar (don’t click and hold, that will open voice command search), Sportlight Shortcut search bar will immediately appear on the middle of your system.

Spotlight Search commands on Macbook

Important Sportlight Shortcut Commands Tips for Mac

1. Type an app name and hit enter/return to launch it. e.g. type “calc” and hit enter to open the calculator.
2. Type a file/folder name to search, list of similar file/folder will appear immediately.
3. Type any mathematical calculations directly on Spotlight Shortcut to get its result.
4. Type a word to get its meaning.
5. You can convert any measurements by typing in Spotlight Shortcut. e.g. 12 ft in meter.
6. Navigate the search results with the help of arrow up and down buttons.
7. To Search by file type, use the word kind and the file type. e.g. to search audio files, type kind:audio.
8. Get weather updates by typing weather.
9. Get movies showtime nearby by typing showtimes (Useful only at the United States).

I personally use Spotlight Shortcut very often. This is really very useful and also save much of my time.