You must be using Debit card and/or Credit card because these are needs of everybody now a days. But one question I want to ask you, Do you know about Wonder Card?

You might be wondering if you are listening this for first time. OK, No Problem! I will tell you about Wonder Card if you don’t know about this card.

Wonder Card = Debit Card + Credit Card

Wonder Card
Photo by: Central Bank of India
Yes! you are seeing it absolutely right. Wonder Card is inbuilt features of Debit Card as well as Credit Card. This unique Visa Card is launched by Central Bank of India in Maharastra and Bihar in the mid of 2013. This card is specially made for the salaried customers of the Bank. The card holder can withdraw up-to a fixed amount of excess money against their salary and this excess money will be adjusted by their next month salary with interest. Get more information about the Wonder Card in Central Bank of India website.

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