You can always share your Instagram photos to Twitter by clicking share buttons on Instagram while posting photos. But That Instagram photograph will shown as a link in Twitter feeds. For example see this Instagram pic which is posted by aslisona (Sonakshi Sinha):

Hi! by @aslisona

This is showing only a link in Twitter as shown in below tweet without an embedded pic.

— Sonakshi Sinha (@sonakshisinha) June 24, 2014

But using an IFTTT recipe could make your life easier. You need to just activate this IFTTT recipe (Post your Instagram pictures as native Twitter pictures) once and it will always show all your Instagram pics automatically as attached/embedded twitter photos in twitter instead of link.

How To Display Instagram Photos as Embedded Twitter Pics instead of only a Link:

Go to IFTTT an register an account if not done.
Use the following IFTTT Recipe by giving your respective usernames and passwords of Instagram and Twitter. And activate the recipe.

IFTTT Recipe: Post your Instagram pictures as native Twitter pictures connects instagram to twitter

When you finished your settings on IFTTT, post a photo on twitter and check this on your twitter feeds. Your photo will appear with the same caption as in Instagram with an link as embedded photo. Your Instagram Hashtags will also work on Twitter.

Local #volleyball in action.
— Angraj (@angraaz) July 16, 2014

It may take a moment to invoke the services to display the pic on twitter. Njoy! 



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