How to See Any Blogger Blog on Dynamic View Template

Dynamic View (DV) template is introduced by Blogger in 2011. This template is built in with new age latest web technologies (AJAX, CSS3, HTML5). Dynamic View template gives users seven new flavor to browse the same blog differently.

Here are the seven dynamic views from Dynamic View Template:

Classic: This is a modern twist on a traditional template.
Flipcard: Photos on the page are tiled across the page and flip to reveal the post title with comment numbers.
Magazine: This is a clean and elegant editorial style layout template of DV.
Mosaic: A mosaic template is the mix of different sized of images and text.
Sidebar: Sidebar is an email inbox like view with a reading page for quick scrolling and browsing
Snapshot: This Dynamic view pins post pictures from your posts.
Timeslide: This DV gives a horizontal view of your posts as posted by time period.

How to see any Blogger Blog on Dynamic View:

Enter the Blogger blog name followed by “/view” on URL and go.
For example
This will enable the Blog on Dynamic View template with sidebar as default, then you can select any given views from navigation bar.

Update: This trick is not working now.

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