[Solution] Remote Device or Resource Won’t Accept The Connection

Last morning non of my browsers allowed me to open a single page when I was trying to access internet on one of my laptop which is running on Windows 7.  I was just getting message “Remote device or resource won’t accept the connection”.
I thought it may be a problem of my WiFi device! But no, everything was just fine there, even all my other devices were browsing well on net. Only on that system I can’t access internet.

Reason for “Remote device or resource won’t accept the connection”

The reason for not getting internet connection with above message in a particular system is due to virus infection in your system which is blocking your internet connection.

How to Resolve “Remote device or resource won’t accept the connection”

Open Internet Explorer go to Tools and click on Internet Option (Alt+t+o). Click on Advanced tab and finally click on Reset button. Problem resolved!!

Photo Credit: photosteve101


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