Take Screenshot on Moto G Without any Third Party App

You might have find the solution for taking screenshorts on Moto G. This is just hold and press Power button and Volume button togehter and get the screenshots. If you are doing it right then you no need to follow the rest of the story in this post, just enjoy!

But, if you still not able to take screenshot on your Moto G or getting any of the following in order to taking screen snaps..

  • Phone going to shutdown
  • Volume goes down
  • Phone turn silent
  • Screenshot folder did not created 

Just follow this post..

This is very right that Power button and Volume down button will gives you the screen pics but how that’s the question….First thing you need to keep in mind is that its all the game of timing. If your time is good then you could easily take screenshots otherwise you need to do a lot of practices.

No problem! I’ll tell you how to improve your timing to take a screenshot with your MOTOG.

Press the power button a frection of second before pressing volume down button and press and hold both the keys for a second. You could hear a click sound and a snap of your screen on your phone. And you could also observe a message “Saving Screenshot…” if you would have done it right.

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If your volume bar is still going down that means your timing for pressing power button was not good. Remember to press power button a frection of second before pressing and hold Power button and volume down key together. Practice it for ten times I’m sure you could do it.

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  1. Hey Reyan, as I mentioned in my post, if the volume bar appears while taking screenshots that means your timing was not good. Leave the buttons at the moment you seen the volume bar appeared, try again with different timing. Have patience!!

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