Top 6 Benefits of Using Blogger for Blogging

If you wanted to start your blog, you might be confused to choose a blogging platform, which to choose and where to start form as there are many blogging sites like WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, Weebly etc. 

Today here I would tell you top 6 benefits why you should start your blog on Google’s Blogger (Blogspot). 

1. Blog for free / No hosting cost:

Blogger is absolutely free to use. This is the top reason why most of the people preferred  Blogger platform over self hosted WordPress platform. So, you forget about shortage of Bandwidth usage in future and monthly hosting cost for your blog. Many beautiful templates are available for free to use.

2. It’s Google Blogging Platform:

Each blog or website Blogger is Google’s owned blogging platform since 2011 when Google acquired Blogger. It’s means a lot as you can easily integrate other Google’s services like Goolge Plus, Gmail, Google Webmaster Tools, Google Analytics, Adsense, Google Custom Search etc with it. 

3.Branded & Customized URL free setting and Forwarding:

You can easily customize your Blogspot domain from to in Blogger. For this you just need to purchase a domain name and customized it for free. For example you can see my site but primarly this is so easy to make your blog professional right?? Blogger will not charge you for customization and forwarding domains.  

4. Secured Blogging Platform:

Now a days Hacking is the biggest problem with the website owners. That might be a huge loss of valuable time a money if a website is hacked. And this always happened with many self hosted blog and websites as might not been taken care of Security plugins manually. But in case of Blogger you would not worry about your security plugins, that is taken care by Google and you hardly heard about a blogger site is hacked.

5. Blogger is Integrated with Adsense (Make money online):

Google’s Adsense is one of the most reliable method in the online marketing world to make money online and Blogger is inbuilt with Adsense program. Anytime you can switch your blog to your earning machine by following simple Adsense policies. 

6. User friendly Interface for Blogging:

If your are not an coding freak. Not an issue! 
The Blogger interface is very user friendly, you can still use Blogspot without having knowledge of programming or coding.

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