Why Not to Host Your JavaScripts, CSS on Free Dropbox Account

Undoubtedly Dropbox is one of the best site to host your blog files including many other features and APIs. I normally use Dropbox to host my Java Scripts and CSS files.

But today one mail has changed my mind of hosting files on free Dropbox account and I also suggest you not to use your public files on no Pro Dropbox account if you have large audience to share your public links from Dropbox or having large traffic blog where you are using Dropbox public links.

Why I am saying this would clear to you in the following mail that I have got from Dropbox under heading: Your Dropbox public links have been suspended.

Hi Angraj,

This email is an automated notification from Dropbox that your Public links have been temporarily suspended for generating excessive traffic. Your Dropbox will continue to function normally with the exception of Public links.
For more information on suspended links, please visit the Help Center. If this is your first suspension, you may remove the suspension by visiting your account page.

– The Dropbox Team

Means the code links you have implements form Dropbox will not work on your sites after suspension.
Things might be fine if you are a pro (paid) Dropbox user. But in case of free accounts they are limiting the bandwidth usage of public links, so, if you are using the codes in low traffic sites there may not be any problem but be careful about your blog traffic.

Now, thing is, what is the permanent solution of hosting codes for free?

Don’t worry, Google Drive is here and your public links will never been suspended due to excessive traffic. In my next post I’ll discuss how to host Java Scripts, CSS and other files on Google Drive.

Image courtesy of Download.net.pl



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