Talking Personal Assistant App for Smartphone & Tablet

Android Speaking Assistant Application

Few days back I came to know about talking personal assistant application a new way to interacting with your device. I can’t restrict myself to post about this awesome app on my blog to tell them who still didn’t use it.

This assistant application will work on your device with your voice command. Your device assistant will perform tasks, answer questions, notifies you about your important events, read your messages and many more.

Talking personal assistant is available on Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Windows Store and Chrome web store.

Talking Personal Assistant Application Features:

1. Speaks your language: No, this is not supporting Hindi as of now but could speak English, Spanish, Russian, German, French, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese and Korean. Would be available in more languages as the company promises.

Android Speaking Assistant Application

2. It remembers: Your assistant will remember your places and learns about your services and could customizes your experience according to your preferences and offering you the best suggestions and functions to fit your current location and schedule.

3. Understands your commands: Just speak your natural language in a peace environment and this assistant will understand it easily and will respond accordingly.

4. Answer your questions: Answer your questions and if don’t know she’ll search it on Google for you.

5. Update Social status: Your assistant could Tweet for you and could also update your Facebook status, just say it.

6. Following tasks and commands your assistant could understands easily:

Android Speaking Assistant Application Skills

Is your smartphone assistant is ready?

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