JAIIB Mock Test – Money Markets, Debt Markets & Forex Market (PPB)

JAIIB Mock Test Quiz on Money Markets, Debt Markets & Forex Market (PPB)


Money Markets, Debt Markets & Forex Market (PPB) Mock Test/ Quiz

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Treasury Bills are is quoted in the secondary market on a yield basis with the minimum tradable amount of:

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RBI introduced Commercial Papers as a money market instrument in the Indian financial market in:

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In Commercial paper, the minimum credit rating shall be (A3) as per the rating symbol and definition prescribed by:

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In Money market, Primary Dealers can borrow on a daily average basis in a reporting fortnight up to ....... of the total Net Owned Funds (NOF) as at the end.

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The maximum tenor of an ICD is:

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The minimum amount of a CD should be:

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In India interest rate swaps are commonly traded on which of the following benchmark?

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Term money refers to borrowing/lending of funds for a period exceeding:

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Which of the following is the maximum tenor of Treasury bills?

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LIBOR - Stands for:

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Foreign Exchange Management Act, 1999 (FEMA) is effective from:

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Scheduled commercial banks are permitted to borrow to the extent of ....... of their capital funds in the call/notice money market any day.

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Money lent by a banker for one day is known as:

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Under FEMA the emphasis is on:

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Which of the following entity is not permitted to participate both as lender and borrower in the call/notice money market?

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