JAIIB Mock Test — Role and Functions of Capital Markets, SEBI

JAIIB MOCK TEST ON Role and Functions of Capital Markets, SEBI

Role and Functions of Capital Markets, SEBI (PPB) Mock Test/ Quiz

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The ownership, management and trading functions of a stock exchange are clearly segregated in respect of ________.

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The issue of new securities to existing shareholders at a ratio to those already held is known as ________.

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SEBI in respect of certain matters, has the same powers ________.

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One of the following categories of investors need not obtain a certificate of registration from SEBI in order to buy sell or deal in securities:

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As per SEBI guidelines in a Book Building process the cap in the price band ________.

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The main function(s) of SEBI is/ are ________.

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Retail individual investor means an investor who applies or bids ________.

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Red Herring Prospectus is a prospectus:

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Which of the following refers to the transition process of an exchange from a mutually owned association to a shareholders-owned company?

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A sub-broker is affiliated to a member of a recognized stock exchange and is a person who is registered with:

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As per SEBI guidelines, safety net arrangements can be made available only to ________.

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Any company making a public issue or a listed company making a rights issue of a value of more than ________ is required to file a draft offer document with SEBI for its observations. The validity period of SEBI’s observation letter is only three months.

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Under ASBA facility, investors can apply in any public/rights issues by using which of the following?

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Initial Public Offering (IPO) means that an unlisted company makes to the public for the first time ________.

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National Stock Exchange of India Ltd. (NSE) – It was established in:

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